Ekomak 55-75 CD

Screw Air compressors

Industrial screw compressors have a 100% duty cycle. Using the acetric, helical screw element, the air is effectively compressed in a stable flow.

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With piston

Piston compressors are the oldest and most widely used of all industrial compressors. Reciprocating air compressors are positive displacement compressors.

Ekomak E15 refrigerant dryer

Dryers - filters and equipment

Air treatment and condensation management equipment are essential products for the use of compressed air, which are associated with the use of compressed air.

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After Sales Service and parts

Regular service by the experts at the right time and the use of genuine parts specifically designed for your equipment will extend the life of your compressor.

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Oil-Free Compressors

Ekomak oil-free air compressors are a great option for reaching 100% oil-free compressed air in your operations. Oil-free air compressors eliminate all the risk of oil vapor in your compressed air system – providing oil-free compressed air like no other air compressor can.

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