Gas-cooled dryers

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Water condensation in compressed air systems increases operating costs. Our Ekomak gas-cooled dryers remove this water vapor, which has become water through the compression effect of the system, increasing its operating power and ensuring the long life of your compressor.

Ekomak recommends a Ekomak CAD dryer to meet full capacity and power requirements, and one of the cool series dryers for smaller footprint applications that encounter consistent loads. Today, at Ekomak, we offer the industry the best options for refrigerant dryers.


Ekomak dryers are essential and essential tools for condensation management in industrial applications. Our range of air dryers protect your systems and processes in a reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective way. All our air dryers are designed to perform in the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way 

In our dryer design, we strive to ensure superior performance and excellent cooling efficiency by ensuring contact between the air and refrigerant circuits. the state-of-the-art design has significant energy savings and a very low inlet outlet pressure difference. It is also compact, making the dryer smaller and reducing the space needed for the dryer. 

Minimum maintenance interval maximum uptime

The maintenance of our gas-cooled air dryers is within the minimum range. So you get maximum operating efficiency with much less interruption to your production.

Easy installation

Our gas-cooled air dryers are plug-and-play. This makes it quite easy to set up your unit.

Our range of gas-cooled dryers

Protect your system and the environment.