ECO Series screw Air compressors

Oil-injected screw compressors designed for direct connection

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The ECO Series provides high efficiency and safe operation for industrial compressed air needs. This range uses safe components such as a high-efficiency engine and our internationally proven screw technology. This ensures a high free air efficiency and your compressor can operate in the harshest environments and conditions. Don't miss your chance to get a reliable and efficient compressor.

Advanced monitoring system

Production processes require levels of consumption that change throughout the day. When low air demand is present, the use of large pressure ranges results in energy wastage. Using the ES4000 controller, you can manually or automatically switch between two different set points to optimize energy and reduce cost.

However, the advanced algorithm only starts the engine when necessary. Energy consumption is kept to a minimum as the desired set point is maintained while the main motor running time is minimized.

Variable speed drive

More than 80% of the operating cost of a compressor consists of the energy it consumes. Compressed air production can account for up to 40% of the total electricity bill in a business. We minimize your energy costs with Variable Speed Drive (VST) technology, which we pioneered in the compressed air industry.

Ekomak VST technology closely monitors the air demand by automatically adjusting the engine speed. This saves up to 35% energy.

Recover your energy

An integrated heat Recovery Systemis possible with our oil-injected compressors. The system recovers up to 78% of the energy from the engine and the element oil circuit. With efficient use of recovered energy, you will achieve significant energy cost savings and high ROI. 

Monitor your system with ICONS

It is important to know the status of your compressed air system and be able to monitor it 7/24/7. Of course, you want to achieve optimum efficiency and maximum usability! With ICONS you can monitor your compressed air system. By monitoring your system, you can not only save money, but also prevent failures and production losses.