DMD Series screw Air compressors

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The screw air compressor triggers positive displacement with double (female-male) asymmetric helical screws. The oil-injected system, a common type of rotary screw compressor, sends an oil-based lubricant into the gap between the helical rotors, forming an airtight hydraulic seal between the two rotors. Atmospheric air enters the system and is pressurized by nested screws.

The DMD range includes belt-driven screw air compressor models with a 3 to 100 hp (2.2 kW to 75 kW) belt, including a long-life V-belt drive, a high-efficiency suction filter and a robust TEFC motor. The standard silent housing is designed to reduce vibration and noise levels. It has a long life, but low oil carrying capacity.

DMD 30 - 300 Series (2.2 kW - 22 kW)

With integrated alternatives to air tanks and/or dryers, we offer you flexible and energy-efficient solutions in these series according to your needs.

DMD 30 - 75 Series(2.2 kW - 5.5 kW)

DMD 100 - 300 Series (7.5 kW - 22 kW)

DMD 400 - 1000 Series (30 kW - 75 kW)

With a choice of fixed and variable speed screw air compressors, we minimize your energy costs by recommending options that best suit your system.