Air tanks help prevent the vibration of compressed air, compensate for pressure fluctuations in the distribution system, protect the compressor from frequent starts, and cool the compressed air that causes condensation decomposition.

Separation of condensed water

Pre-separation and removal of condensed water inside the compressed air tank

Ensuring proper flow of compressed air

Stable air flow for your compressed air system helps build up stable temperature and pressure

air receivers
Our vertical air tanks are produced in volumes between 270 and 10,000 liters.Painted air tankspainted air tanks can be used in most cases where the air tank is not exposed to external conditions and absolute clean air is not a prerequisite. The paint protects against corrosion.Galvanized air tanks galvanized galvanizedis used to protect steel against corrosion. The process itself is simple: the air tank is completely immersed in a liquid zinc bath. As a result, the zinc coating adheres perfectly to the entire surface of the tank, ensuring full protection of the steel. In sensitive applications that require completely clean air under all conditions (hospitals, laboratories, food industry, etc.) is used.

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