Easily access the operating data of your compressed air system, wherever you are

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Receive the operating parameters and status of your compressor as an e-mail or text message and discover our Smart connectivity system for timely response.

Increased reliability

You can reach the performance of your equipment with a click.

No surprises

Possible problems are detected before they cause production loss.

Planned costs

Service can be requested before time, making costs transparent and well planned.

Proactive planning

Always knowing the performance of your compressor allows you to use resources wisely. Because ICONS will help you recognize potential problems before they pose a threat to the continuity of your production, it will proactively plan your maintenance at the right time, allowing you to minimize costs and keep your production running uninterrupted.

Fast response times

With ICONS, you can see your compressor status online at any time. It can give you better advice than ever and help prevent interruptions by correcting problems at an early stage. Your organizational efficiency will also increase as service visits are better planned.

Select your service level

Depending on your needs and priorities, you can access as much knowledge as you want from ICONS:

About ICONS Alert/ICONS Notifications:

You can track fault and warning messages on your compressor from your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to ICONS, you will be notified of this notification immediately. You can keep a history of notifications at the UPTIME and energy access level. You can easily install the ICONS app on your smartphone or tablet using the App Store or Google Play.