Filters and separators

Original filters and separators keep the integrity of your equipment intact, protecting your equipment from premature wear and failure

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Maximum air quality

No matter how small the particles and dust are, they are a threat to your compressed air system. The filters have a sensitive role to play, such as preventing these particles from entering the air and oil circuit without causing any side effects or pressure drops. Another vital part of the compression process is to separate the oil from the compressed air to ensure air quality and reliable operation.

Taking no risks

Non-genuine filters and separators have been developed with a wide range of features to suit various types of equipment. When installed on your compressor, it can cause serious problems. Energy consumption will increase due to increased pressure drop, which will negatively impact your costs, as the particles cannot prevent them from entering the vital components of your compressor and will cause wear and damage.


designed for your compressed air system

Genuine filters and separators have many features specifically designed for your compressed air system. The large surface area of high-quality filter material effectively keeps particles away. It is robust and resistant to high pressures and temperatures. The by-pass valve of the original oil filters provides an uninterrupted supply of oil to the compressor element, while the built-in grounding oil separator prevents static electricity generation.

Maximum protection

High-quality filtration and decomposition extend the operating life of all parts of your equipment, ensuring the desired air quality.

Maximum reliability.

Designed for the desired operating conditions of your compressor.

Energy Efficiency

Minimizes your energy costs by providing a minimum pressure drop.