Original compressor Lubricants

Our original compressor oils have a unique formula designed for optimum performance, maximizing compressor life and keeping operating costs to a minimum

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Using non-genuine oil can lead to premature wear and/or poor air quality and even serious damage to your compressor due to side effects such as oxidation, soot formation, foaming. These failures will result in increased repair costs and loss of production. Therefore, taking risks with non-genuine oils will have serious consequences. The right solution for your business is to use genuine, field-tested oils that are compatible with your compressor.

Tailored to your industry

Genuine oils are not only dependent on operating hours and compressor types. The original oil portfolio covers normal and heavy operating conditions. Special oils are also available for industries such as food and medicine. For optimal performance, choose the right oil according to your specific operating profile.

Optimal performance

Tailored to your operational needs.

Perfect balance

With the right amount of additives, performance-enhanced oils...

Low costs

Minimal wear, maximum uptime