Dryers - filters And equipment

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Air treatment and condensation management equipment are essential equipment for the use of compressed air, which is associated with the use of compressed air. These equipment are specifically designed to work with screw and piston compressors. In today’s compressed air operations, continuity and precision are as important as the compressed air itself.  Dust, oil, water vapor or or coarse water contained in the compressed air causes damage to the valves, pistons and loss of work. These unwanted elements in your compressed air system are separated from the compressed air by various equipment.

The choice of compressed air dryers, filters and other equipment is very important to achieve the desired product quality, increase the service life of the equipment you use in your factory, prevent corrosion in your compressed air line, prevent your possible costs and increase efficiency. Our wide range of products will provide you with the right solutions for all your applications. 

Gas-cooled and chemical dryers

Ekomak gas cooled and chemical dryers are essential and essential tools for condensation management in industrial applications. Our range of air dryers protects your systems and processes in a reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective way. All our air dryers are designed to perform in the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Original line filters provide durability to your equipment while maintaining the performance of your compressor. The air in the atmosphere naturally contains a variety of impurities, such as dust, various hydrocarbons and water in the form of moisture, these pollutants enter the compressed air circuit and cause wear and corrosion in downstream equipment. Ekomak pressure line filters separate these contaminants from the compressed air.


Air treatment equipment helps prevent the vibration of compressed air, compensate for pressure fluctuations in the distribution system, protect the compressor from frequent starts, and cool the compressed air that causes condensation decomposition. This ensures that your compressed air system is running at high quality at low energy costs.

Environment friendly

Thanks to the environmentally friendly gases we use, we do our part to minimize the effects that can occur with global warming.

Reliable and efficient

Using the highest technology and quality components, our air treatment products provide reliable, trouble-free and efficient solutions.

High quality compressed air

With high filtration and purification provided by critical components, the dry and filtered compressed air you use in your system ensures the product quality you want in your business.