We recover the waste heat energy from your compressor with EKOBOX

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Did you know that the compressed air compressor you use converts 80% of the electrical energy consumed into heat energy and releases it into the atmosphere? We bring back your lost money with the heat recovery system.

Thanks to the special heat recovery module, we evaluate the heat generated by your compressor compressing the air by heating your water.The energy recovery system allows us to obtain hot water up to +75º C depending on the use and load of the compressor.Heated water can be evaluated as follows:
  • In the heating of buildings, in the toilet, in the need for hot water used in the bathroom,
  • In the case of a steam boiler pre-heating water in the plants that produce steam,
  • In the process of heating the water in the tank where the material to be covered in phosphate and galvanized coating is immersed...