Line Filters

Original line filters are required for optimal performance

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Genuine line filters offer durability while maintaining the performance of your compressor. The air in the atmosphere naturally contains a variety of impurities, such as dust, various hydrocarbons, and water in the form of moisture. When the air is compressed, their concentration increases. As a result, these contaminants enter the compressed air circuit and cause wear and corrosion in downstream equipment. Ekomak pressure line filters separate these contaminants from the compressed air.

Original line filters remove small oil particles from the air leaving your compressor and water condensation from high compression temperatures. This protects your production equipment and end products. At least one filter must be installed in any compressed air line distribution system. This improves air quality, which benefits your entire compressed air installation, including downstream dryers, air pipes and air tools. Depending on the application, you may need to filter your air through different stages to prevent the elements from reaching saturation, maintain your air quality and prevent pressure drops.

Low operation cost

It was aimed to optimize the compressed air flow characteristics, significantly reduce differential pressure and thus achieve the lowest possible total cost with the improved filter design to improve energy efficiency.

Reliable filtration

A dynamic proprietary design ensures air quality as well as a highly reliable and efficient filtration process.

Easy and Integrated Maintenance

Unique, easily accessible automatic drain is standard.

Easy differentiation

Easily separable and corrosion-resistant “color-coded” internal elements for the degree of filtration.

Untreated compressed air contains dirt and particles that need to be filtered, which can damage your air-operated equipment and end products. However, filters also affect your compressed air system performance and efficiency. The filter that is not selected correctly can easily become a potential blockage point that will affect the compressed air permeability and cause heavy air losses.

Ekomak set out to create a new, innovative range of filters that are comprehensive, dynamic and energy efficient and come with the lowest possible maintenance. Our filter range is the next generation in filtration technology. We have combined the latest filtration technology to ensure you get the highest air purity.

Compact and easy

We make the most suitable installation to the existing compressed air system using the supplied accessories, compatible with all compressor technologies

Cost efficient

Improved fiber filling and triple filtration ensure effective filtration of your air

Reliable and durable

Thanks to anodic oxidation, we significantly extend the life of the filter housing, less maintenance - easier processes

Pure compressed air according to ISO 8573 standards

Depending on the importance of the application, different purity air may be needed. We offer filters that can provide the required air purity according to ISO 8573 and ISO 12500.

three types of filters that meet all purity requirements

Type G FilterGeneral purpose protection, total mass efficiency for removing solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol: 99% For optimal filtration, a water separator must be in front of a G filter.Type C FilterHigh efficiency combined filters that remove solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol. total mass efficiency: 99.9%. For optimal filtration, a G filter should always be in front of a C filter.Type V Filteractivated carbon filter for removal of oil vapor and hydrocarbon odors with a maximum remaining oil content of 0.003 mg/m³ (0.003 ppm). 1000 hours of life.

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